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~Burn it down baby, burn it burn it down~

About Me

Hi there! I'm FlameFatalis. Some of you may know me from Spore as Flamestar (aka the big cat creator of Spore). I joined Spore nearly eight years ago and went all the way from having zero subscribers to having the honor of being in the top 40 of most subscribed Spore creators. True, I'm not around on Spore as much as I use to be, but I still enjoy making creations from time to time. You might even see me post some of them here on DA.
Here's my page:…
MERP by FlameFatalis
Now some stuff about me as a person: I am very musically inclined and I have played the violin for nearly 13 years. In fact, I was the concertmaster (leader) of my high school's orchestra for two years in a row. I am a Geoscience Certification Major in college now... and even though I am not majoring in music, I still take some time out of my hectic schedule to play my two violins, whom I named Blitzbee and Knock Out after my favorite Transformers (yeah, I'm a Transformers nerd too).

I am very kind and approachable... and I'm always willing to make new friends here on DeviantART, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I promise, I don't bite. Haha. :)
Oh, and I also have a tumblr. FOLLOW ME
And here's my livestream channel

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Best Buddies

:bulletblue::iconkanonu: Kanonu --one of my oldest Spore buddies. Makes some pretty awesome dragons, including her main dragon, Sol.
:bulletblue::icongrindartstone: grindARTstone--another one of my oldest friends on Spore. Extremely talented creature-creator here on DA.
:bulletblue::icontwiilightessence: Zesseal--Another fellow Sporian. I didn't really know her all to well on Spore, but she's become one of my closest buddies here on DA. She is also a very supportive friend... and always attends any livestreams that I hold.
:bulletblue::iconpyroraptor42: cormorana-- I've know cormorana the longest out of all my Spore friends. We were reunited here on DA several months ago. He's awesome at drawing cartoon dinosaurs and comics.... And I swear, we have the most random conversations. XD
:bulletblue::iconicoria: Icoria-- Another awesome Spore buddy and a very talented artwork. Makes outstanding dragons and wolf-like creatures.
:bulletblue::iconyorialu: Yorialu-- A fellow Sporian, though we didn't really know each other too well back then. Now, Yorialu has become one of my biggest inspirations. She's a super nice and funny deviant and makes some of the most amazing cartoon dragons that I've seen here on DA.
:bulletblue::iconserenity-in-caged: Serenity-in-caged-- Leo is not only a loyal friend, but an awesome line-artist. She's very kind and approachable and is always willing to make new friends here on DA.
:bulletblue::icondecepticondanceparty: DecepticonDanceParty-- A fellow Blitzwing fangirl. A very kind and loyal friend. She always seems to succeed in making me laugh like a raving lunatic.
:bulletblue::iconesuerc: Esuerc--one of the best Transformers artists I know. She has a great sense of humor and I'm glad to have met her.


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Animated Chibis
Chibi Commission for Yorialu by FlameFatalis
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Wut? Animation? by FlameFatalis
Mini, bouncing chibi versions of your characters.  The cheapest commission I have on sale.
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Mopey Flamey by FlameFatalis
Power? by FlameFatalis
Cranky butts by FlameFatalis
Dante by FlameFatalis
Line art and sketches. Range anything from a line layer overlaying a sketch layer to basic black-and-white shading.
Vox Headshot by FlameFatalis
Flamey Dragon Bust by FlameFatalis
Toxic by FlameFatalis
Just as implied, headshots are profiles of your characters.
Coloring and Shading for One Character
Swagmuffin by FlameFatalis
Atrocitus by FlameFatalis
Take Flight by FlameFatalis
Silly Shape-shifter by FlameFatalis
Arf! by FlameFatalis
Line art, colors, and shading for one character with a white or transparent background.
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Fiery Master by FlameFatalis
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Stars on Fire by FlameFatalis
Fully detailed character (lines, coloring, shading) plus a detailed background.

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Relationship Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 2:15 PM
Been seeing some people do this.  Thought I'd just go ahead and do it.

1. What sexuality are you?

Straight, possibly border-line Demisexual.  IDK.

2. Are you in a relationship?
Never have been in one.

3. If yes, who is your partner?

4. If no, would you like to be in one?
Yes and no.  I wouldn't want to be miserable with someone I can't stand.  I think it's best to wait for the right guy for now.

5. What would you do if a person of the same gender wants to date you?
Honey, no one of the opposite gender even asks me out... unless stalkers count. But I guess I would have to calmly explain that I'm only interested in men.

6. Do you believe in horoscopes?

7. What zodiak sign are you?

8. Are you in love?
Unless fictional characters count. No.

9. How many relationships did you have?

10. Which one did you like the most?

11. What are you looking for in your partner?
Obviously someone with similar personality traits and interests.  Intelligence and courtesy are huge factors too.  And of course, as in almost every relationship, a general physical attractiveness.  I'm not saying you have to be like friggin Tom Hardy or... whatever other typical hot actors there are now.

12. What should your partner know about you?
I'm slightly timid around people I don't know too well, but I warm up pretty quickly.  Don't ask me about Transformers.  You'll regret it.

13. For the physics; what would/do you like in your partner?
Refer back to 11.  Basically similar interests, charismatic, not afraid to voice his opinion. Bla bla bla.

14. Do you have any fetishes?
Not really... oh wait.  Do glasses and sideburns count? I don't really think their fetishes, but I think they're pretty attractive.

15. Would you like to be dominate or your partner?
...I would think my partner would be? IDK.

16. Who did you have a relationship with in the past?

17. Do you still have contact to them?

18. If yes, how does your partner feel, if you have one?

19. Are you flirting a lot?

20. Which of your past and current partners is the most similar to you?
N/A. Getting tired of writing N/A, but can I just relate to a fictional character quickly?  By far, Rung (from MTMTE), has a personality similar to my own... just so you have a general idea.

21. Do others know that you have or had a relationship?

22. Have you had your first kiss yet?
Never had one.

23. Are you a virgin?
Yes. Duh?

24. What do you like the most about your partner, if you have one?

25. Do other people know about your sexuality?
I guess most people assume I'm straight.

26. How was your first relationship?

27. Your first love?
Never had one.

28. Which gender were your past relationships?

29. Do your parents/family members know about your love life?
Yes.  My uncles are always looking for possible guys. :stare:

30. Did someone reject you before?
Ech. Long story short, I asked a guy I liked to the prom (because I thought he liked me back and that would start things up), and a week later he has a girlfriend.  Still went to the prom with him because our families were close, but he just texted his girlfriend the entire time.  It was horrible.  But I was in too deep with anxiety attacks to really care at that point.

31. Are you happy about your love life?
Honestly, it gets a little lonely sometimes.

32. Did you reject anyone?
Well... stalkers, of course.

33. Do girls or boys like you more?
Boys, I guess?

34. Does your love like you back, if you are in love?

35. What was your cheesiest relationship?

36. Do you often show off with your relationships?
Don't have a relationship.

37. Do you remember all of your relationship's anniversaries?

Well... this was kind of interesting.

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Here is where I post a noteworthy song... or musical composition. The songs you see posted here are some of my favorite... and who knows? Maybe they are one of yours too!


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Mark Fischbach


Special thanks to Esuerc for drawing this absolutely stunning human!Rung~


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StellarPaint Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
aww i love the violin always wanted to learn but my parents say its *to expensive to try* so i settled for self teaching harmonica a little bit, been awhile though.

geoscience sounds awesome, what kinda feilds of work can you get for that?

sorry im totally rambling shutting up now
FlameFatalis Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem!  And it was nice of you to come by and drop a comment on my page.  As for my Geoscience/K-12 certification (that I hope to get in another year), I'll be able to teach any of the four basic sciences on a Kindergarten through 12th grade level (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology/Earth Science).  However, if I decided to go just into Geoscience as a major, I would probably find a job in consulting, which is a lot more business-like.
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YOUR PAGE IS BEAUTIUFL great coding you did here :la:
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